Fishing Fifty Survey 2024

NUTFA are seeking fifty Under 10m vessel owners from across the UK to take part in a detailed survey across the mobile gear and static gear fleet, as to impact from the regulatory burdens that are now a challenge to fishing.  

Fisheries Act 2020, Section 25:

Distribution of fishing opportunities

(1)When distributing catch quotas and effort quotas for use by fishing boats, the national fisheries authorities must use criteria that—

(a) are transparent and objective, and

(b) include criteria relating to environmental, social and economic factors.

(2) The criteria may in particular relate to—

(a) the impact of fishing on the environment;

(b) the history of compliance with regulatory requirements relating to fishing;

(c) the contribution of fishing to the local economy;

(d) historic catch levels.

(3) When distributing catch quotas and effort quotas for use by fishing boats, the national fisheries authorities must seek to incentivise—

(a) the use of selective fishing gear, and

(b) the use of fishing techniques that have a reduced impact on the environment (for example that use less energy or cause less damage to habitats). 

NUTFA have a team of Solicitors and Barristers who kindly donate a few hours a month to assist issues raised in respect of regulatory law and compliance and it has been advised to undertake a survey across a cross section of the fishing industry vessel owners to collate confidential data for research and evidence.   This will enable the team to consider compliance by the Regulator as to the level of regard and reliance that is being placed on such areas as "the contribution to the local economy", impact on coastal communities and the level of transparency and objectivity that should be at the core of fisheries management. 

The research is entirely confidential, but will be detailed, on the impact that the regulatory burdens are having on finances, physical health, mental health, family dynamics, debt, housing, business longevity and other material relevant issues.    Looking at past finances and current to ascertain the impact that recent regulations are having on existing businesses, fishing crew and the coastal community in which the vessel owner is located.     There will also be an emphasis on the socio-economic impact of regulation and fishing licence changes on the fishing business, crew and coastal community.  

If you are willing to take part, or would like further information before considering participation, please would you make contact with NUTFA via email on in the first instance in order that a pack can be sent out to you.     Please include your full contact details, vessel name and number, and postal address.     We are ideally looking for a diverse section of the Under 10m fleet across the whole of the UK. 

Thank you in anticipation. 

Jerry, Sarah and NUTFA team.