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NUTFA is the only UK organisation specifically dedicated to the support, survival and development of the Under Ten Metre Fleet.

The NUTFA Team would like to thank all those who have put their trust in us to achieve all our aims for a viable and profitable under ten sector.

NUTFA is a non-profit making organisation and represents the under 10m and non-sector at local, UK and EU levels, defending their rights and fighting for their future.

NUTFA represents all under ten sectors, quota and non quota, trawlers and netters, liners, shell fishermen and all other licensed fishermen trying to make a living from the sea.

UK and European fishing politics has been dominated for too long by the interests of the over ten sector, NUTFA represents the interests of the under ten sector at Local, Advisory Council (AC), European Commission and Parliament meetings as well as continuing to press for fairer recognition and a better deal from DEFRA and the MMO.

Currently working tirelessly through the challenges of the uncertainty of the impact of Brexit and the navigating the challenges that will be faced by fishermen from 2021 onwards.

NUTFA, born from a need to right the wrongs of quota allocation, now fights for everyone within the sector on every issue that might affect them.

Offering advice and assistance for fishermen on a vast range of issues including hand holding with paperwork and advice on grants and entitlements. More recently NUTFA have set up a law clinic, with assistance from fisheries lawyers across the UK who volunteer time and experience, to assist fishermen with challenges they face with regulatory compliance and enforcement issues.

LawWorks Fisheries Clinic