Deadline Approaching

With now only two months to go until the deadline to apply for grandfather rights on the medical certification programme, NUTFA are advocating that fishermen apply for grandfather rights before the end of November whilst NUTFA and other fishing organisations lobby extensively for change on this issue.   This is for many reasons, particularly because of the insurance issues that may impact fishers without a medical certificate. 

However, with the above said, I am aware from the many many calls and emails from fishermen around the country, that there will be a high number of fishermen who are not going to apply before the deadline that has been imposed.  In order to give more strength to the argument that the current system is not appropriate, particularly for the inshore fleet, please would you let me know whether you will not be applying for a medical certificate prior to the deadline set.       

I have been in touch with marine insurers and would wish to write to Government on the level of carnage that is likely to unfold after the end of November 2023, but cannot do this without an indication of the percentage of the fleet who will not being entering the system for a medical certificate before the time period imposed.  Please can you email me on or Whatsapp me on 07402 089170 with your name, vessel details and reason for not applying, if at this stage you are of the view that you will not be applying.     Numbers are needed at this stage on the fishermen not applying before the end of November 2023 and numbers for those who have failed the medical so far, but intend to continue to fish.    

The evidence submitted will not include personal details, only numbers and percentage of the fleet.  This is purely an indication of numbers and I would not wish to get embroiled on discussions as to the rights and wrongs of the current system in the light of the heavy workload that we currently have.   We are flat out on data collection to evidence change and call only for the number opting out before the event.   We are doing all we can to lobby for change but cannot do that without evidence as to who is in the system, who has failed on the ML5, and who intends to not apply at all - or to continue to fish on a failed certificate or without applying at all.  Thank you for your time and for your support in anticipation.   

All contact exceptionally welcome to add to our ever growing data base to try to force positive change.  Sarah Ready NUTFA Mobile 07402 089170