Welfare Support for Fishermen

Always at the end of a phone or email  to give advice and support for any fisherman who is facing difficulties with legislation, regulations or any other impact arising from the fishing industry in which he or his family work. Professional "What If" Covid Calculations to assist fishermen to navigate through Covid19 business difficulties that are impacting the flow of financial income.         

It is clear that there are many difficulties faced by the inshore fleet currently,  particularly the high level of regulatory compliance that many fishermen face day to day, alongside what is a dangerous and unpredictable working life.        We are here at the end of the phone, (or face to face where possible and practical), to give any advice and support to fishermen to tackle the many difficulties that are currently being faced by the inshore fishing fleet. 

Challenging policy making and  regulatory decisions that affect the every day working lives of fishermen and fishing families to help to ensure a sustainable future for the inshore fleet during very difficult times and beyond. 

Full details on our Law Works Fisheries Clinic can be found in the link below.  We have been very fortunate to secure free advice and assistance for fishermen across a variety of legal firms specialising in fisheries regulatory compliance, enabling us to now offer a full advice clinic to fishermen facing difficulties with regulators on any fisheries matter.   

Law Works Fisheries Clinic